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The RUBIC UNA is the latest and the most advanced monitoring system designed to control independent luminaires of emergency and escape route lighting systems. It is designed to be used in medium-to-large facilities and buildings. Each control unit can handle up to 4000 luminaires using MPU250 Power submodules. The submodules communicate with the RUBIC UNA control unit via LAN. The use of LAN also enables communication between individual submodules.

The RUBIC UNA system is equipped with a touch panel and an intuitive graphic menu to enable quick and easy system configuration without the need for using SMART VISIO. Thanks to introduced technical solutions polarity does not need to be observed any more while connecting a communication bus to the following system components:

  • RUBIC UNA control unit
  • MPU250 Power submodules
  • RU address modules

Each RU address module is assigned an individual number/address. The addresses are factory-assigned, so an addressing unit is not required for installation, setting up or maintenance work.

Key features:

  • Touch screen control unit
  • Unique addresses of luminaires
  • Factory-assigned module addresses
  • No need for an addressing unit
  • Intuitive GUI
  • No need to observe the polarity of communication cables
  • Four built-in potential-free contacts (input and output)
  • Remote control option via Ethernet and a dedicated website
  • Monitoring of up to 750 luminaires per control unit (3 logical buses: 01, 02 and 03 – each one with 2 physical channels)
  • Possibility to expand the control system to 4000 luminaires using submodules
  • System status indication by means of icons on the control unit screen
  • Compatibility with fluorescent and LED light sources
  • Internal battery enabling continuous operation of the control unit
  • Automatic performance of tests
  • Registration of test results in an event log
  • Division of luminaires into groups with freely adjustable testing times
  • Mains supply mode for selected luminaires/groups
  • System management and visualization by means of dedicated SMART VISIO software
  • BACnet standard, enabling compatibility of the RUBIC UNA with Building Management Systems (BMS) SMART VISIO

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