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The RUBIC MINI UNA system is a modern, compact solution designed for the monitoring of emergency luminaires with unique addresses installed in small-size buildings and facilities. The system offers the possibility to supervise up to 500 emergency luminaires equipped with RU-type power supply sources.

The main advantages of the MINI UNA control unit are its compact size and the possibility to mount it on a DIN-3 standard rail (TH35). The system is simplified but not deprived of the most important functionalities from the user’s point of view. Each control unit is equipped with an RS485 connection for the communication bus, an RJ45 connector, four LEDs indicating the current status of the system, three function keys which can be programmed in the control unit, a reset button and a service pin to assign a unique IP address to the unit. Additionally, the control unit has two potential-free input contacts and two voltage outputs (so-called ‘open collector’). Communication with RU emergency luminaires is provided by means of an RS485 standard communication bus. A single bus may not exceed 1200 m when linear topology is used. The communication with luminaires is continuous.

Key features:

  • Monitoring of up to 500 emergency luminaires
  • Maximum length of a single bus is 1200 m
  • System status LEDs
  • TH35 (DIN-3) rail mounted
  • Three programmable function keys
  • Two potential-free inputs (current loops)
  • Two voltage outputs (to control external relays)
  • Internal memory to store emergency lighting system reports, compliant with PN-EN 50172
  • Mains supply mode, configured from the control unit
  • Testing of individual luminaires or groups of luminaires
  • Built-in battery to provide back-up power supply to the control unit
  • RJ45 connector for direct communication with any computer via Ethernet
  • Individually programmable IP address
  • System status preview using any web browser
  • Continuous communication with luminaires installed in the system
  • System management and visualization by means of dedicated SMART VISIO software

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