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The control unit is manufactured in the module technique which makes it easy to expand and service. In the basic it has a user’s panel, a control module with a detection loop, a power supply unit and a set of batteries. You can expand and adjust the control unit to your own need through installations and programming appropriate expansion cards.
schemat EN

Characteristics of the control unit FAS

  • Up to 7 detection loops
  • Up to 250 elements per a loop
  • Up to 250 supervisory zones per a loop
  • Outputs built-in
    • ATE
    • Signal lines
    • Fault
    • Universal relay
  • Maximum loop length 2 km
  • Loop interval detection
  • Events counter up to 15,000
  • Expansion cards
  • Conformity with EN 54-2, EN 54-4 standard
  • 7-Inch touch screen
  • Printer built-in
  • BACnet interface

Optionally, the control units may be configured through the TCP/IP protocol. Access to the system is available through dedicated software or on the website. Application of the RJ-45 connector and the IP technology allows to integrate the system and the building management systems (BMS), with the Safety management systems (SMS) and the visualisation systems (SMART VISIO).


FAS - Data Sheet