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The LPS Central Battery System, offered by AWEX, is a small, up-to-date, reliable and simple device. It has been designed in accordance with the applicable standards and with using SMART technology. Its functions are equivalent to the functions of CBS system, however, due to its small size and limited power the system is suitable for installation in smaller buildings or buildings that require diversification of source of supply of emergency fittings (as a group system).

The system enables emergency supplying of the fittings with a total power of 1500W for the time of 1h, or the fittings 500W – for 3h. With four sensor inputs installed in the steering module it is possible to control fire zones through the use of sensors decay phases (CFZ), which control power supply to the switchboard of power supply zone. In addition, the system can be expanded by ELS-230 modules, with nine voltage control inputs. Linear modules have separate protection for AC and DC mode, this significantly increases the safety level of switching the emergency mode in the building. In the emergency mode, the system works in IT network (isolated system).

The most important parameters:

  • LCD display with easy-to-use menu.
  • Automatic test performing.
  • Automatic detection and adding luminaires to the system.
  • Monitoring of each luminaire.
  • Monitoring of each circuit.
  • Programming and configuration of the luminaires directly from the central unit.
  • Communication with luminaires through the power cable.
  • SMART technology – any mode of operation of the luminaire.
  • The linear modules are secured for the AC and DC mode separately.
  • SD card slot and card itself allow to save the periodic test results, event log and system configuration.
  • Possibility to record the back-up of the system on the SD card.
  • Night mode operation.
  • Possibility to control luminaires and functions of the system through the 24V and 230V internal and external connectors.
  • Possibility to monitor power in the distribution boards and in the separate lighting circuits.
  • USB slot.
  • RJ45 connector for direct communication with any computer via Ethernet.
  • Preview of the system via any web browser.
  • Management and visualization of the system by using dedicated software SMART VISIO.
  • Supply of the fixtures of total capacity 1500W for time 1h or 500W for 3h.

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